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The Water Museum’s mission is to research, educate, and inspire action around one of the worlds most magical substances - water. This is done with a fusion of art and science in our 5000 sq ft building in South Los Angeles. 


In the past 15 years, new breakthroughs have been made about the biggest unknown in nature - water.  The Water Museum will accumulate all of these breakthroughs into one place.  We evolved from Faces of Water and Channel Water to create the ultimate community gathering space for people interested in sustainability and water. This would be the first museum to combine art, science, history and philosophy all centered around water


We believe that it is important to understand that planet earth is a closed system. We are one body of water and improving our relationship to water will effortlessly improve personal health and global sustainability. The ultimate goal is to deepen people’s relationship to water and encourage people to treat themselves and other living beings better. 


Like a water line, we all rise together. 

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